Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Norman Abjorensen kicks off his latest piece for Inside Story with a great quote: 

"In his 2011 book, Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class, Owen Jones describes how, in his final year at Oxford a decade ago, he heard a senior member of the party (widely believed to be David Cameron) speak with blunt candour at an informal gathering: “What you have to realise about the Conservative Party is that it is a coalition of privileged interests. Its main purpose is to defend that privilege. And the way it wins elections is by giving just enough to just enough other people.”

  • 1.Alexander Wendt40.76%
  • 2.R
  • 32.73%
  • 4.James Fearon24.82%
  • 5.Kenneth Waltz23.23%
  • 6.Joseph Nye Jr.17.32%
  • 7.Bruce Bueno de Mesquita13.20%
  • 8.Samuel Huntington11.51%
  • 9.Martha Finnemore11.19%
  • 10.Robert Jervis11.09%
  • 11.Stephen Walt10.77%
  • 12.Kathryn Sikkink8.76%
  • 13.Peter Katzenstein7.92%
  • 14.Beth Simmons7.18%
  • 15.David Lake6.76%

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