Wednesday, September 10, 2014


So, outgoing ASIO Boss David Irvine reckons things are dangerous, very dangerous.

Welcome to today's world.

Irvine at the National Press Club

The real issue is how do we protect our society.

Raising the threat level, from "amber" to "red" is a pathetic, ridiculous and a bizarre way of dealing with the problem. It's difficult to treat such a vague and general "warning" as anything other than a clear indication Irvine is dealing with something that's utterly beyond him.

ASIO (supposedly) provides us with actionable intelligence. What we need is a clear warning of what might happen, why, and what we can do to avoid it's occurrence. If that can't be offered, suggest other strategies that might actually work. It's not good enough just to cry "wolf". I can do that myself.

After watching Irvine the other night, it's difficult not to suspect that whatever the answer to domestic terrorism is, it won't come from ASIO.

What other ways of de-radicalising potential terrorists are there?

How about this?

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