Monday, November 12, 2012


For my journalism tutorial.

The facts of the two stories I've asked you to write are below.

Remember, I just want quick, 100 to 150 word radio news stories. File them to the dropbox.

Good luck,


It's Monday. You're on the Police Rounds, and so at 7 AM in the morning you head in to College Street in Sydney for the morning briefing. After nodding hello to the other reporters and taking a seat, the Public Relations Officer begins the briefing.

“The 1st story I've got for you today is pretty simple. A couple of kids got into a fight yesterday afternoon in the main street of Moree. We don't know why, but you know the sort of thing that happens up there. One 16-year-old was stabbed by the other bloke; oh, he was the same age as his assailant.

A guy who was passing took the wounded kid to hospital but he died while the doctors were trying to help him. Local police and the Homicide Squad formed a task force which arrested the guy who did it within an hour. He was questioned for a couple of hours but didn't admit that he'd done it. He was charged we kept him in the cells overnight. With the murder at about 10 PM. He'll face the Moree Children's Court this morning.

Oh, but we don't have anyone who saw the fight definitely, so can you say we'd like to speak to anyone who saw something on Crime Stoppers."

“What time did the fight occurr?"

“Oh, about 3 in the afternoon."

“Has he been charged before?"

“You know I can't tell you that. That all? Then we'll go on with the next story."

Write a short news story on the information for the 7.45 bulletin on ABC Radio.


You get back to the newsroom where the Chief of Staff hands you stories from overnight and asks you to write a short piece for the midday bulletins on a fire that's been going since the night before in South Australia.

“Give it a bit of a new angle just to freshen it up for the midday’s, will you? It's just about finished, and the fire-fighters have got it under control. I know South Australia has been running with this as a big story for the past 24 hours, but I just want you to write a short summary of not more than 100 to 150 words. If you want, check out the material at," he said.

You look through the information and think of what new angle you will choose.

The basic facts are that the fire began at the bottom of the Eyre Peninsular a little bit after midday. Hot weather saw it rapidly spin out of control and it burnt out 1,800 ha of bush and cropland. Eight houses were destroyed, as were four cars and 12 sheds. About 100 Country Fire Service personnel fought the blaze overnight until a change in the weather allowed it to be brought under control. People were urged to go to the Port Lincoln Bowling Club, although it's not known how many actually turned up. Now the fire service personnel are just cleaning up the blaze. The rest is on the web.

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