Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Julia Gillard's announced a new schools "revolution".

She values education and particularly the skills she identified as vital, such as Maths and English.

So let's use those skills to ask if there are any journalistic questions we'd like to have answered . . .

Firstly, arithmetic.

The plan will cost more than $5 billion - but you may as well just pick a number. The point is how will this extra funding be paid for . . . because it is 'extra' funding. It must be, otherwise nothing would be achieved and the announcement would have been nothing more than empty rhetoric.

So, where is it coming from? Tax rises or cuts elsewhere? There's room for both but I'd like to know which route Gillard has chosen.

Secondly, language.

Words give us the ability to reason so where is the logic behind this renewed push for standards. Surprising it may be, but the drive to achieve better scores in test results doesn't appear to be leading to a better quality of life and that's the reason we exist. Perhaps we're placing stress on teaching the wrong things.

And finally, standards.

She wants 'our nation's best' to become teachers. At the moment, presumably, they become politicians. How will she to this, force them or just pay them more money?

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